Cantine Games


Ice cream games are all the rage. From birthday parties to corporate events, you can find ice cream games for any type of party or event. They’re fun and exciting, and best of all they’re free! Play them right and you’ll not only be the life of the party, but also get rewarded with points that can be used for gifts, prizes or discounts at other events. Check out the following cool ideas for ice cream games:

Ice Cream Sandbox – Take two bowls, one with regular ice cream and one with chocolate syrup. Fill up the bowls with water and place in an empty trash can. Now it’s time to put in all the toppings you like, from pretzels, cookies, fruit, cherries, to yogurt or ice cream. Scrape off pieces of paper and use the points you earn to purchase an extra scoop of ice cream, and once done, place the scoop in the trash can.

Candy Bar Ice Cream Game – This ice cream games is great for parties with limited food choices or just to have fun. Take a cup, a bowl, and some marshmallows. Place everything in a circle, tap the marshmallows into the center and start whacking away.

Hot Dog Ice Cream Game – This fun ice cream game is a spin on the hot dog ice cream dish. Take a hot dog on a stick, and add toppings such as onions, bell pepper, garlic, peppers and others. Drop in the bottom of the bowl. Now all you have to do is dip the stick in the toppings and throw it into the bowl. To make it more fun, have each person take a turn at throwing the ice cream into the bowl.

Ice Cream Sandwich Game – This fun ice cream game is great for parties with small children. Take a small plastic bag and put a small handful of ice cream toppings into it. Next, place a sandwich in the middle of the bag. Have each child take a turn tapping the ice cream toppings into the plastic bag. When all of the toppings are used, the game is over and the child who has earned the most points wins.

No matter what kind of ice cream game you choose, it is sure to be a hit. It is even better when there are other people at the party playing the same game. You never know who will give up their turn or decide they are too tired to continue. Be sure to have lots of ice cream toppings so there are multiple games to keep everyone entertained. Also, be sure not to make your ice cream too difficult to swallow, which can cause bad diarrhea.