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A match 3 games is a kind of video game in which the player manipulates virtual tiles so as to create them disappear based on a certain matching criterion. In most such tile-matching games, this matching criterion is to put together a certain number of similar tiles of a particular type so as to make them join together. These kinds of games have a number of sub-types and can be played in single player mode or multi-player mode. In single player mode, the game is entirely played by one player. In multi-player mode, two players are involved in the game. The rules of these games differ according to the sub-types.

In a three-player match 3 games, the players alternate turns. This is a very popular type of game that has caught on with many people. In such a scenario, each player is assigned a random number of tiles to play with. They try to earn as much points as possible by arranging their pairs of tiles together. If an individual manages to make all his tiles match in the right way, he gets a point.

The match 3 games have a few interesting match making mechanisms at their disposal. One of such mechanisms is the “minor change” rule. This rule basically allows the players to play the game more than once provided they manage to add in some new tiles to their already present set of tiles. This rule basically works in favor of the players as well as the game mechanism.

Another interesting rule in the match 3 games is the “use in-game items”. In most of the versions of the game, the players would be allowed to use on in-game items whenever they want. However, this rule was changed in the Windows version of Solitaire. With the Windows version of Solitaire, players are not allowed to use any of the in-game items except for the coins which can be obtained through doing specific activities such as matching up pairs of same colored pairs or one colored and another colored squares.

Most of the time, a person would wonder why a person would purchase a Solitaire game rather than just opt for the casual version. The answer is simple. While the casual version allows the players to spend more time enjoying the game and therefore, be able to practice and learn newer strategies, the match 3 games allow the players to hone their skills. The match 3 mechanics make it more challenging than the casuals because the player is forced to think on his/her feet. One doesn’t have the luxury of a leisurely break to refresh oneself.

Another reason why some would opt for the match 3 games is because they are fast-paced. For those who haven’t played them, the fast-paced nature of the games can be quite daunting. Some people, especially those who have more experience, opt for the casual versions since they are considered by many to be slower than the fast-paced ones. However, with the Windows version of Solitaire, they can move at a much faster pace and level up faster than they could with the casual versions. It all boils down to what the player prefers.