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Pokemon games are one of the most popular video game franchises in the world. The Pokemon Company and Game Freak created the series of games to help people understand what they were getting themselves into. It is an addictive game that requires a lot of patience and skill. This game involves creatures called Pokemon, which are little pocket humans that can be used to do tricks like catching Pokemon or defeating rival trainers.

Pokemon FireRed is the first installment of the series. The game was released in Japan in 1996 and in North America the following year. It follows the story of a boy who lives in a small town and becomes very good at catching Pokemon. His friends persuade him to enter competitions to catch Pokemon so that he can become the best in the town. The player has to go through many challenges and puzzles to complete the game.

The Pokemon series has evolved into many different forms. It first started with Pokemon Red, which is the classic game. It was followed up by a spin-off series called Pokemon Blue, which featured a new story set in the Kanto region. A new game called Pokemon Diamond is in development and will be available for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is not known when it will be released outside of Japan.

Most people playing the games do so because of their interest in catching as many Pokemon as possible. However, there is another side to this game as well. Pokemon Black and White feature a darker side to the Pokemon game. They follow the story of a Team Galactic grunt who leads a team of Pokemon against the protagonist, and they use several types of attacks that can cause confusion and even paralysis. These games also show how each grows in strength as it fights.

Some people enjoy the puzzle aspect of these Pokemon games. There is actually a version of this game that was made for the Game Boy series of games. It follows the story of the FireRed game and goes even further into the world of mystery and intrigue.

Many people who play this game enjoy going online to compete against others. The reason they do this is because the game gives you an opportunity to meet new friends who enjoy the same games that you do. There are several different servers you can connect to if you want to play this way. In fact, some people prefer to play this type of game over the rest. It has its own community, and it can give you hours of fun if you want to spend a few hours every day.