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Ghost of Tsushima is one of the many great Samurai Games available on the market today. Best of all, it is now available exclusively for PS4 from its publisher ship in Europe. And, with it’s release, players are racing back to old-school samurai games. In this review I hope to discuss the game, and how the game provides an engrossing and detailed gaming experience.

The first point that I would like to discuss the game’s exciting gameplay and appeal is the game’s open world sandbox design. Throughout the game you will explore a large, open environment which features a number of islands and locales to explore. While on your travels you will encounter enemies, puzzles, hidden chests and other items. All of these combine to create an addictive gameplay experience, that if left unexplored can become incredibly frustrating.

To start with, Ghost of Tsushima features the popular franchise icon, Ninja, who appears in all of the main Samurai Games. This time around, however, he is enhanced for the PlayStation 2, and offers new moves not seen before. For example, the Ninja’s short sword becomes a powerful weapon, capable of slicing through almost anything in a single swipe. Additionally, the short sword allows Ninja to execute quick attacks that deal massive damage, at a much faster rate than the traditional sword.

The open-world design also plays a major role in the gameplay of the game. In addition to a few well-developed islands to explore, players are also presented with a variety of tombs to defeat. These tombs offer a variety of treasures and secret items that can be collected throughout your adventure. Finally, once you have collected all the treasures and collected all the secret items you are able to enter the Ninja City, a place filled with ninjas and other ninja figures. The city offers plenty of things to do, including playing mini-games against other players, as well as taking part in exciting challenges which let you accumulate points and unlockable items.

Another little known franchise from Japan, comes to life on the PSP with Samurai Gourmet. This game series started life as a series of manga and cartoon, before turning to video games. As with many other anime based PSP downloads, Samurai Gourmet follows the story of a young chef, Kenji, who lives a somewhat abnormal life as a Japanese chef. The series follows his adventures up to the point where he realizes he wants to become a Samurai, so he sets out on a mission to find the legendary, Shishi-Alaska.

Based on the successful Shichi-Go-San franchise of the Japanese sword and scroll culture, Ghost of Toborua is a fun, entertaining game for anyone interested in Samurai Games. The graphics for this game is fairly standard fare for any console, though the voiceovers are what make this particular game stand out. It also features the well received Samurai Champloo, which featured the voice talents of Masakado, Maiko, Hitomi Yamane, and Yuichiro Nagashima. If you are a fan of samurai cinema or a fan of animation, then this is a must have title.